Raw Material
Raw materials in the form of waste paper or waste old corrugated container (OCC) are conveyed by a conveyor and then put into a crusher (hydra pulper). In the hydra pulper, waste paper is crushed and mixed with water so that it becomes a pulp. The pulp from the pulper, then passes through a screening process and cleaning (cleaning & screening) using a variety of equipment and screen cleaner, which serves to separate impurities from waste paper. In this process the impurities that have been separated from pulp that has been clean, collected and disposed of.

Stock Prep and Screening Process
Pulp has been clean, then passed through the process of stock preparation. In this process, the pulp will pass through a tool called refiner. The refiner will grind fibers which will give the fiber the physical nature that correspond to the desired paper that will be produced. In this stock preparation, chemicals are added to improve the nature of paper produced.

Headbox and Forming Process 
From stock preparation, fibers are conveyed to the final screening before being processed further in a paper machine. Solvent of dilute fibers will go through the head box and being spread on the fourdrinier (the wire) which is the first part of the paper manufacturing process. In this unit, paper is formed into a very wet sheet that still contains 80% of water.
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Pressing Process
The wet sheet will go through the pressing unit, water content in the sheet will reduced by the press to a half-dried sheets. 
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Drying Process
And when the water content cannot be reduced further by the pressing process, the half-dried sheet will be dried through the drying unit (dryer part). The half dry sheet will go through a series of spinning cylinders, these dryer cylinders contains steam, with the heat of the steam, the half dry sheets will become dry paper with moisture contents of 5 - 7%
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Surface Sizing Processing
The dried paper will pass through the surface sizing unit which will apply sizing chemicals and starch to improve the paper surface.
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To further improve the paper surface, the paper will go through the calender unit which serves to flatten and smooth the paper surface. 

The calender is a series of heated rotating rolls, the paper will pass through the rotating rolls and being compressed by the rotating rolls so the paper surface becomes smooth and flat.
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Pope reel Processing
Paper that has been passed though the calender rolls will be rolled onto the spindle end unit that is pope reel, paper on the pope reel, the width is still as wide as paper machine and it's known as the “Jumbo roll”. This is the end of the paper machine.
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Cutting Process
Jumbo roll will further slit into paper roll width according to customer demand. 
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Pack and Deliver
The finished paper roll will be wrapped and sent to finished products warehouse ready to be delivered to the customer’s warehouse by truck or by ocean vessel.
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PM 3 equipped with two units of online Velmet Paper IQ quality control unit, monitoring the quality of the paper during the production process.
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Amphoteric starch in paper making
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